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Panhandle Butterfly House - Navarre, Florida

Opening May 3, 2014 to the PUBLIC

Group Tours (of 10 or more) begin April 28th. Contact us to schedule a Group Tour!

Monarch Madness, Friday & Saturday, Oct 3 & 4, 2014!!

Location: 8581 Navarre Parkway, (Hwy. 98) at the foot of the Navarre bridge
Mail Address: P. O. Box 5208, Navarre, FL 32566

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Front view of the Panhandle Butterfly HousePeeping through the arbor to see the Panhandle Butterfly House building

Panhandle Butterfly House, Navarre, Florida

Our native habitat is slowly disappearing and numerous efforts are being made globally to preserve and enhance butterfly habitats. The Panhandle Butterfly House is a local effort to educate the public on butterflies, habitat conservation and ecosystem management.

The Panhandle Butterfly House is an educational and interactive exhibit. It teaches us to become more aware of the importance of preserving our habitats and to use appropriate integrated pest management. But above all, the Panhandle Butterfly House is a place to simply enjoy the elegant flight of the butterfly, to delight in their brilliant colors and to become immersed in the fragrances and beauty of the flowers.

We have colorful and educational flower gardens outside and inside the structure (maintained by generous volunteers!)

See for yourself the butterfly life cycle, our butterfly nursery, and butterflies in flight. There is also a notable collection of mounted butterflies from around the world. Scheduled group tours are available.

The nonprofit Panhandle Butterfly House is a program of Santa Rosa Clean Community System, Inc., UF/IFAS Cooperative Extension Service and Florida Master Gardeners. Admission to the Panhandle Butterfly House is free, donations are greatly appreciated. We also have some nice educational items to sell and proceeds go to our Butterfly House.

For additional information please tour our website and go to our Contacts page.

Visit the Panhandle Butterfly House soon and often. Wander through our online butterfly house where we share with you information about the Panhandle Butterfly House and of course butterflies and butterfly gardening.

Just like the plants and butterflies of the Panhandle Butterfly House, our website is a continuously changing and growing thing. Come back often and see what's new.



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