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Panhandle Butterfly House - Navarre, Florida

Opening May 3, 2014 to the PUBLIC

Group Tours (of 10 or more) begin April 28th. Contact us to schedule a Group Tour!

Location: 8581 Navarre Parkway, (Hwy. 98) at the foot of the Navarre bridge
Mail Address: P. O. Box 5208, Navarre, FL 32566

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The Mission of the Panhandle Butterfly House is to increase the public’s awareness of butterflies and their important role in the environment.


Teaching about ButterfliesButterfly Nursery

Jytte teaches students about the butterfly lifecycle ... and they get to see it in action in the Butterfly Nursery



To increase awareness of Florida’s biological diversity

To foster a better understanding and increase awareness of our natural world

To stimulate the pursuit and enjoyment of science and natural history education

To inspire students and teachers in all grade levels

To promote environmental stewardship

To foster a better understanding of butterflies and increase awareness of the natural habitat in which butterflies thrive

To assist and support butterfly conservation efforts

To provide family recreation


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