The Butterfly

The Panhandle Butterfly House Life Cycle

A Beautiful Experience

Amongst their many contributions and professional services within the community, one thing Thomas and Alice Jones were known for was their vast collection of camellias and other beautiful flowers. The Panhandle Butterfly House plans to pay homage to Mr. and Mrs. Jones’ horticultural beauties by expanding what it has to offer at its new location through the butterfly house, gardens, nature trails, pavilions, a learning center, and more.

The mission of The Panhandle Butterfly House & Nature Center continues to be raising awareness about the importance of butterflies and their impact on the environment. Despite some challenges that 2020 presented, the team remains hopeful that the new butterfly house and nature center will be operational summer 2021.

Preparations for the future include restoring the historic home, constructing the vivarium, planting gardens, and building an education center. We look forward to continuing to grow, expand our months of operation, and welcome even more visitors.

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